Required Boat Operator Training

All new residents, after January 1, 2002 wishing to operate powered watercraft on Capitol Beach Lake are required to complete an approved boating safety course, or provide proof that they have passed the test. Current members will be offered the opportunity to voluntary take the test.

NO ONE under the age of 14 shall operate any watercraft, including personal watercraft at anytime. The owner(s) shall be held responsible.

All family members of CBCA members operating any powered watercraft, including personal watercraft, on Capitol Beach Lake, shall submit to CBCA, a copy of their certificate of boating safety course completion. Failure to submit a certificate will result in an immediate 30-day suspension of boating privileges for the owner of the offending watercraft.

It is unlawful for any watercraft operator (including personal watercraft) under the age of 16 years to tow a skier, tuber, wake boarder, etc.

For dates of registered boating safety courses, check the Game & Parks Commission’s website at: