On behalf of the CBCA Board of Directors WELCOME to the lake. You will find this private lake nestled in the heart of our state capitol, the best kept secret in Lincoln. From the panoramic sunrises and sunsets across the 340 acres of water, to the relaxing fun filled lake living, your new home will be a wonderful life for you, your family and friends. Most of all we are proud of our small community.

Native wildlife and Indian people were drawn to the naturally occurring saltwater basins around the present day Lincoln for thousands of years, before white men probed the Great Plains.

Present day residents of Capitol Beach are also drawn to “the Great Salt Lake” for its beauty, water sports, wildlife, and unique atmosphere.

Some long time residents say they love Capitol Beach just because it’s so entertaining!  On a hot summer day you can pull up a chair and enjoy the performance of sailors, boaters, jet skiers and more!

Each year we enjoy neighborly functions, including an area garage sale, spring fling, July 4th celebration and other CBCA sponsored activities.  Watch your newsletter for scheduled events.

There are however some neighborly deeds that we ask of you.  As a property owner and a member of CBCA, you are responsible for your family members and guests when they are on the lake and commons.  We ask that you take this responsibility seriously to assure that our lake is safe for everyone.

Enclosed you will find the CBCA rules which we as an Association strictly enforce.  Please take the time to carefully read them.  If you have any questions, contact any CBCA Board Member.

You will also find a copy of the CBCA member’s directory contains all rules & regulations plus other helpful information.

Once again, WELCOME to Capitol Beach Lake!!!