Water Quality Protection

The published regulations of the Natural Resource District and the US Army Corps of Engineers will be followed for the prevention of water contamination. General prohibition of certain materials in Capitol Beach Lake waters as published by the US Army Corps of Engineers. The following materials are hereby prohibited:

  • Vehicle bodies, farm machinery, tires, metal junk including appliances, containers and barrels (including plastic)
  • The use of small aggregate in the form of streambed material for bank stabilization and erosion control below the ordinary high water mark of a water body or wetland when the material to be discharged is removed from a stream or river for such purpose. Small aggregate from any source, placed below the ordinary high water mark of a water body or wetland when the purposed project will be unstable and subject to frequent failure.
  • The use of old or used asphalt as a fill material and the use of asphalt in general for bank stabilization or erosion control.
  • The use of organic debris, biodegradable building materials including wood debris, sheet rock, roofing material and chemically treated materials subject to leaching when placed in an aquatic environment. Leaves, grass clippings etc. should not be dumped or washed into the lake.

In our ongoing efforts to maintain and improve the quality of the lake water, DO NOT feed the geese or fish. Laboratory analysis and the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission experts have advised us that geese fecal waste and dog food in the lake will degrade the
water quality.

The Board strongly recommends the use of phosphorus-free fertilizers.

Revised – January 2017