Violations of CBCA Boating Rules

It is the responsibility of each member to observe the boating rules of the CBCA. Any violations should be addressed, using the violation notice adopted by the CBCA Board.

Any watercraft found in violation of the State of Nebraska boating laws, and Game and Parks Commission boating rules will be removed from the lake until violations are corrected.

When registering watercraft, each owner will be provided a copy of the lake map with direction of travel, no wake areas, and multi direction area. All boat operators on Capitol Beach Lake should be familiar with this map.

Rule violations are on a household basis. All watercraft used or operated on Capitol Beach Lake will be the responsibility of the owner. This includes the use and actions of their guests.

Violations of boating rules will be reviewed by the CBCA Board. If a member is found in violation the board will:

1st        offense                        Issue a verbal or written warning.  (No loss of lake privileges.)

2nd        offense                       Issue a written warning.  (Loss of lake privileges for one week.)

3rd        offense                        Loss of lake privileges for 30 days.

4th        offense                        Loss of lake privileges for one year.

Very serious violations, regardless of the number of offenses, will be handled on an individual basis, and can result in immediate removal from the lake, during the review period. Review will occur at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the CBCA Board.  The CBCA Board will determine the dates of any suspension of lake privileges.

Verbal threats to members will cause immediate removal from the lake. The CBCA Board will not tolerate disregard for the safety of others or abusive language from offenders when warned of violations.

Revised – January 2017