Boating Safety

All watercraft on Capitol Beach Lake must abide by the State of Nebraska boating laws, and Game and Parks Commission boating rules. All watercraft must be equipped as per State of Nebraska law.

The speed limit for all watercraft from sunset to sunrise shall be a maximum of 5 MPH, with no wake produced. Personal watercraft may not be operated between sunset and sunrise. Personal watercraft operators must wear an engine cut off lanyard.

It shall be a violation for any operator to exceed the speed posted or charted in any specific zone or area. Under all circumstances speed must be reasonable and proper in consideration of the conditions prevailing at that time and place. Speeds in excess of 5 MPH are illegal at all times in, or within 30 yards of any property, dock, deck, shorestation, and boats drifting, trolling or anchored. The entire Pier areas & NW cove are restricted to 5 MPH for all watercraft.

The area between the lakeshore and the white buoys and the Pier areas are considered a NO-WAKE zone. A NO-WAKE zone is defined as an area where the speed of the craft inside the buoys must be reduced so the wash and wake will cause no discomfort, hazard, injury or damage to persons, vessels or property, but in NO case shall exceed 5 MPH in this area.

All hot dogging, abrupt turns, spins, jumping, etc. of personal watercraft will be done only in the multi-direction area in the center of the lake marked by red buoys.

The traffic pattern for all powered watercraft, including personal watercraft is in a counter-clockwise direction around the perimeter of the lake. Refer to Capitol Beach Lake Map for direction of travel.

Swimming, canoes, rafts, tubes, paddle boats or other devices (unless being towed) not readily recognized as power crafts are not permitted beyond the white buoy area.

All watercraft must display lights from sunset until sunrise. Running lights must be coast guard approved front and rear, and must be turned on at all times during these hours. Boats sitting dead in the water must have stern light on at all times.

No watercraft may jump boat wakes or follow a skier or other watercraft within 50 feet.

Sailboats have the right of way.

All persons using personal watercraft must wear an approved life preserver or buoyant vest. Children under the age of 13, in paddleboats, must wear an approved life preserver or buoyant vest.

Revised –January 2017